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Tips to wake up your garden this spring

After the cold winter months it's finally time to get outdoors and into the garden again! Here are some gardening jobs that can help you wake up your garden this Spring!


  1. Clear out any dead foliage or debris from winter.
  3. Prune any dead or damaged branches from shrubs and trees.
  5. Rake up any fallen leaves or other debris from the lawn.
  7. Begin weeding and mulching garden beds to prepare for new growth.
  9. Start planting new flowers, vegetables or herbs in your garden.
  11. Add fresh compost or fertilizer to your soil to give your plants a nutrient boost.
  13. Check and repair any garden structures, such as trellises or raised beds, that may have been damaged over the winter months.



Spring is a season of growth and renewal, and your garden is no exception. By following some simple gardening tasks, you can help wake up your garden and get it ready for the new season.

Here are some additional tips to consider:


Add colour

  • Consider adding some early-blooming bulbs to your garden, such as snowdrops or crocuses, to add some colour and interest to your outdoor space as soon as the weather begins to warm up.



  • Check your irrigation system to ensure that it is working properly and make any necessary repairs or adjustments before the growing season begins.



  • If you have a compost bin, now is a great time to turn it and incorporate any mature compost into your garden beds.


Garden Design

  • Take some time to assess your garden design and consider making any changes that could improve the overall look and feel of your outdoor space.


Lawn Care

  • Don't forget about your lawn! Spring is a great time to aerate and fertilise your lawn, which will help it grow lush and healthy throughout the season.


By following these tips, you can ensure that your garden is looking its best all season long.

 Happy Gardening!

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