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Lawn Care for August

After a very wet July your lawn should be looking lush and green but also in need of a good mow! 


With sunny weather forecast this month it should soon be dry enough to get the mower out and give your grass a good trim.


Water your lawn

During August, you should continue to water your lawn. It is important to water your grass correctly however – a good soaking less often is much better than a light watering each day. You are aiming to develop a deep root system for a lush green lawn.

We recommend watering early in the morning or late in the evening as the sun sets. Temperatures tend to be cooler then and your lawn will absorb more water as a result. 


Time to Mow

It is important to keep those mower blades raised now. Mow your lawn to keep it at a height of around 3 inches – this will help the grass to retain moisture. Its also more difficult for weeds to grow when the grass is taller.

Consider applying a slow-release fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy and help it cope with the summer heat.


Top Tips

As the summer heat returns this month, your lawn may start to show signs of stress. Here are a few additional tips to keep your lawn looking lush and green:

  • Consider adding some shade to your lawn if it's in direct sunlight all day. You can do this by planting trees or adding a pergola or gazebo.


  • If you have pets, be vigilant for any mess they may leave on the lawn. Pet waste can damage your lawn and lead to brown spots.


  • Keep an eye out for weeds and remove them as soon as you spot them. Weeds can steal nutrients and water from your lawn, leaving it looking patchy and unhealthy.


  • Consider aerating your lawn if it feels compacted. Aeration can help water and nutrients reach the roots more easily, promoting healthy growth. Ideally start this towards the end of August and through to mid-october when the weather is generally wetter.


  • If you notice any bare spots in your lawn, consider overseeding to fill them in. This can help prevent weeds from taking root and keep your lawn looking full and healthy.


Enjoy your garden

And most importantly get outside and enjoy your garden. After a very wet July we are excited to welcome summer back and make the most of our gardens this month.


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