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Mountfield Electress 34 Li lawnmower Review

Read our latest review of the Electress 34 Li lawnmower from gardening guru Fran Suermondt as she and her husband trade in their petrol mower and give Mountfield battery power a try.


After a lifetime of working in the construction industry, my husband has really started to struggle with back pain and aching knee joints, so our old petrol mower was starting to really feel cumbersome for him to use.  I myself also found our old machine really heavy to manoeuvre and also just filthy and noisy.


From petrol to battery power

We decided to take a look at battery mowers, although initially discussing electric, we decided to go the whole hog and try to slim down our mowing options without any cords to get in the way.

The Mountfield Electress 34 Li mower has truly been a godsend from the minute we assembled it, to the easy way it has slotted in our shed with ease after use.



Mountfield Electress 34 Li lawnmower

Mountfield's Electress 34 Li lawnmower - before mowing the lawn or adding the grass bag


Easy to assemble

The mower came in a box with very good instructions on how to assemble the handle correctly, the instructions were not really needed as the assembly was pretty self-explanatory.   The battery charger and batteries are solid, but do not take up too much space and again very easy to plug in and charge.


Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre


With one of the most important issues for us being that of the weight of the mower, we were amazed at just how light this one is, but also offering the satisfaction of sturdiness too. The difference in the Electress 34 Li compared to our old petrol mower has been amazing!

Perfect fit in a regular ex council house garden


We have bought a council house which has a 40m2 lawn in the front and 20m2 in the back.  We have many shrubs, bamboo, ferns and a lovely eucalyptus tree in the back.  The mower is the perfect size for zipping around these lawns with ease.  It is also slim enough to fit between the hedge and our tree without resulting in damaging any plants.

After mowing both front and back lawns - success!


Other good points

The collection box fits easily as do the batteries, in fact everything about this mower just shouts efficiency.  Although simple to use, the mowing is sublime and this is a hard little worker, we easily mowed both front and back lawns within the battery power usage time. The choice of cutting heights is good and collection box capacity just perfect for our needs.


After - Great results!


We thoroughly recommend this mower

For our size garden, and for all of those like us of a certain age, it is perfect as it is so lightweight, clean and quieter to use than a petrol mower.  We don’t know why we didn’t make the change to a Mountfield battery machine years ago and will now be investing in a battery hedge trimmer from the same range, as this will have the added bonus of interchangeable batteries with the mower also!


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