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Organic September

Organic, sustainable, free-range…phew all these terms can get confusing when you are doing the weekly food shop!  You know they are positive labels on the food that you are buying, but what do they mean? 


The Soil Association

The Soil Association launched ‘Organic September’ in 2014, to provide everyone with all they need to know about organic growing, farming and buying. 

This system of growing foods and farming using organic methods not only benefit people through the healthy eating of them, but also wildlife and the planet.  Because organic producers do not use pesticides and other fuel-based fertilisers, which are produced in a highly intensive way, there is less of a carbon footprint.

With the climate change emergency that we are facing and the decline in wildlife, not to mention obesity and diet related illnesses, it is no wonder that organic is fast becoming an even bigger buzz word than ever before.


Look for the Logo!

If you want to get involved and support ‘Organic September’ by buying produce that is organically produced, look for the special Soil Association logo.  This means that the product has been certified by Soil Association Certification, they certify over 70% of organic food in the UK.


Grow Your Own

And if you want to ‘grow your own’ organically there are many UK seed companies who sell organic seeds, including ‘Suttons’, ‘Vital Seeds’ and ‘Tamar Organics’. 


Why not do your bit for natural biodiversity and our wonderful planet earth by just taking a closer look at what tasty treats you buy from your local market or veg shop this weekend…remember to look out for the logo!

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