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Read a Book Day

‘National Read a Book Day’ falls on September 6th and offers us all the chance to take some time out, curl up and enjoy that book you have always wanted to read. Or possibly one that you have read so many times its spine is bent and the page corners are curled! 

All books smell divine, have you noticed that? They smell of a promise of a story yet to be told, or maybe one that you know so well it is like slipping into a warm and comforting bath. 

But where do you like to read a book? In your bed curled up and cosy, or in the garden in the fading sun on a warm autumn afternoon?  We LOVE the garden option, together with a warm mug of hot chocolate of course and a fluffy blanket over our knees.

Talking of books and sitting amongst nature, an Agatha Christie is fine reading fodder for a garden.  Maybe it is because when we think of her, we think of the lushness of Devon and her stunning holiday home Greenway with its mesmerising gardens.

Maybe your garden book of choice is the ‘Camomile Lawn’, with visions of the fragrant sea of green stretching down to the cliffs in the story.  Of course, for children ‘The Secret Garden’ is a stunning literary piece and one I think most of us read when we were little.  For adventure, ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’, or even a smattering of ‘Narnia’ are the perfect additions to autumn garden reading.

The list of classics of which a garden is most important to the tale, goes on and on…’Rebecca’, ‘Pride & Prejudice’ even (gulp) ‘The Shining’.  How many garden inspired novels can you think of?

Enjoy reading your chosen book in the garden, just take time out and immerse yourself in a wondrous tale or two, you will be amazed at how refreshed you feel afterwards!

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