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Is your lawn picnic ready?

July is National Picnic Month, and even though, of course, it is wonderful to eat your picnic in the countryside or down on the beach, sometimes a back garden picnic is just fine too!

You really do not want prickly grass getting where it shouldn’t do whilst you are munching on your sarnies, so take a note of these mowing tips so that you can enjoy the most comfortable picnic you can and look after your grass at the same time!


Many people start their spring lawn cuts with the mower set high and then lower them over a period of time. Logically the cut should now be at its lowest. But, the Lawn Association state “That’s wrong – your grass is tired and not getting the water it wants; so why stress it even more by cutting off the little food reserves it still has in its leaves?”


David Hedges Gower chairman of the Lawn Association continues “For tidy summer mowing, first sharpen the blade and then mow regularly - but just take off the tip of the leaves; this leaves enough leaf to photosynthesise in all that lovely sunshine. And if you allow the cuttings to fall back into the lawn they return valuable moisture to the sward.”


Make sure after you have placed anything on your lawn to remove it when done, and let your lawn breathe, but don’t forget just to enjoy this green space too, it is there for you to use, not just to look at!

So if you can’t go further afield, have your picnic at home in your very own back garden oasis and relax on your sea of green!


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