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Gardening Tasks for March

Indoor gardening – gardening doesn’t have to be outside; here are a few suggestions for windowsill growing:

Leaf salads or microgreens

All you need is a small empty seed tray or used margarine tub, some good growing compost and a packet of suitable seed. You can be enjoying tasty salads in just 3-4 weeks!

Herb seedling Pots

Like those you buy in the supermarket only it’s cheaper to ‘grow your own!’

Pea Shoots

Enjoy the taste of fresh garden peas from pea shoots grown in a tray. They are ready in just 4 weeks. Use them in salads or for stir fries.

Seed sowing

New gardeners often worry about how deep to bury their seed in compost when sowing. Some need no cover at all, but as a general rule, cover the seed with its own diameters depth of compost.

Wondering if some old seed is still viable? Cut one open to see if it looks ‘whiteish’ in colour and moist looking and you should be alright.

Clean and wash pots and trays and don’t forget to clean inside watering cans too!

Brush or power wash paths which can become slimy and slippery at this time of year.

Greenhouses and frames

Remember that the sun can be warm under glass even in March, so ventilate if necessary.

March is such an exciting time in the garden with flowers appearing and buds breaking on our trees and shrubs. Don’t forget though our feathered friends. A new brood will be soon with us, so it’s important to keep up with the feeding and provision of water. Remember too the hedgehogs and put out food for them on their nocturnal journeys!

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