Lawn Mower Buying Guide

Lawn Mower Advice and Essential Information

With such a wide range of lawn mowers to choose from, selecting the right Lawn Mower for you and your garden can be difficult.  We have provided a guide to each type of lawn mower in order to help make your selection as easy as possible.

Electric Rotary Mowers

Mains electric mowers are quiet, lightweight and easy to use.  They are ideal for smaller gardens with a power supply located near the lawn. 

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4 Weel Petrol Lawn Mowers

Four wheel machines like this are highly manoeuvrable and give and excellent finish on all types of lawn.  They are height adjustable & clippings are collected.


Mulching Lawn Mowers

Instead of cut grass being discharged into a collector it circulates beneath the cutter deck to be chopped into tiny particles leaving no mess and feeding your lawn.



Petrol Roller Lawn Mowers

Although 4 wheel mowers give an excellent finish on all types of lawn you may be the owner of a fine lawn and want those classic stripes.


If you think your garden is too small for a ride-on mower think again!  They can be small enough to drive through a standard garden gate.