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S46R PD Li 46cm Self Propelled 80V Roller Mower

Product Review (submitted on 2 June 2019):
If you’re pushed for time but enjoy mowing, this is for you. Although the act of mowing a lawn can be quite relaxing, the need to buy fuel, annually service and winterise petrol machines adds a “faff” factor that lead to me paying someone to cut my grass.

This machine removes all of that. Delivered virtually ready to use, just pop in the battery, point and mow. Light enough to push on the flat, the self propelled option makes it virtually weightless for smaller gardeners or climbing slopes. Big grass collector, easy height adjustment, beautiful striped finish. The battery easily coped with our 30x20 metre lawn, leaving it looking as good as the “professional” finish.

At the end, simple to pop the battery out, leave it on charge and lock up in the garage until next time. Although the total price may be higher than a petrol machine, the lower running costs and much increased ease of use mean I can use the mower when I’ve got a free hour, not two or three. Also taking into account the cutting costs we now no longer pay, in 20 cuts it will have paid for itself!

We purchased our from our local Mountfield supplier who matched the online price, delivered the mower, demonstrated its functions and are close by for hands on support.

Brilliant machine.