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Princess 34 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower

Product Review (submitted on 25 May 2015):
Other family members have owned, and I have used, Mountfield petrol mowers for many years, so when I needed to replace my own electric mower I chose Mountfield and ordered direct. It arrived in good time and was easy to set up. I was disappointed to find it was not of British manufacture, but that's how things are these days. I've had it for a couple of months now and have used it both on lawns and on rough grass; I've not tried the mulch function (and probably won't).

Things I like about it:
* It is lighter than my previous mower (which was of similar specification), the handlebar folds down easily, and it has a well-placed carry handle. It's therefore much easier to get out or put away and takes up less storage space.
* Unlike my last mower, it can be operated easily with either hand on the handlebar and it's lighter and more manouevrable in use
* It fits better under overhanging foliage
* Its motor is powerful enough to cope with rough, long and/or wet grass without complaint
* The grass collection box fits securely and is easy to put on and take off
* The single-lever height adjustment is extremely light (it's sprung to counter gravity) and easy to operate

Things I'm not so pleased about:
* The cable is not detachable - it's permanently attached and has to be wound round the handlebar (this may not annoy others but it does me)
* The lowest height setting is still too high - it leaves short-stalked daisies in the lawn and is unsatisfactory at cutting grass growing between the stones on my paths
* The roller is always at the same height relative to the wheels and neither the rear wheels nor the roller can be detached (on short grass I'd prefer all of the weight to be on the roller; on rough grass I'd prefer not to have a roller at all)
* The roller is a flimsy two-piece plastic affair clipped together around its shaft and one of the clips has already been sprung apart (I'm not sure how - fortunately I managed to secure it again but this should not have happened)
* The stripes it leaves on the lawn are much less noticeable than the ones left by my old mower, maybe because the roller bears less weight (lighter machine plus some weight on wheels) or because the roller is not smooth or simply because the cut is not so close
* The wheels plus roller and their height adjustment mechanism do not appear to be of robust construction so I'll be surprised if this machine turns out to be as durable as previous Mountfield mowers I've used (but I bear in mind that it cost only a fraction of the price)
* I find it surprisingly noisy

Overall I think this mower was good value for money. I'm pleased with its easy handling and the way it tackles rough grass, but there are some disappointing features.