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Princess 34 Electric 4 Wheel Rear Roller Lawnmower

Product Review (submitted on 20 May 2015):
I’ve just bought the Mountfield Princess 34L electric lawn mower. First cut today was good, light machine easy to adjust the height and easy to use. Assembly consists of the grass box, and the handles. The handles were straight forward, using the manufacturer’s drawings as a guide. The grass box was rather more difficult. It consists of three parts, two parts form the sides and bottom, and a third part forms the top. The bottom/sides bits fit together easily but the top was more of a problem. As you hit the catches on the top bit to fit them into the side panels the whole box flexes dissipating the power of the hit, and the catches go nowhere. I found that if you put something under each catch (inside the box) to support the catch, then when you hit the top above where you’re supporting it the catch goes in very easily. Start at the back and work systematically forward, supporting each catch in turn as you do it. Using this method the top came together in seconds – literally. Don’t use a hammer or anything hard to hit the outside of the top with or it will probably crack the plastic – use your hand (gloved) or something similarly soft and it will assemble OK.
Overall an excellent product which I would recommend