827M Compact Lawn Rider

Rider 827M
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For larger gardens of around 0.75 acres the 827M lawn rider is a fantastic choice.

Fitting through most garden gates, the 827M is easy to use, highly manoeuvrable and very versatile.

Superb visibility combined with comfort and cutting technology results in the only mower you will ever need.

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A good machine with some annoying drawbacks.
This is a very useful piece of kit for anyone with a medium to large lawn. It is much more manoeuvrable than many other ride-on machines.

However, it has a couple of annoying drawbacks.

The other main is the fact that in order to access the spark plug (which the manual says should be checked regularly) it is necessary to remove the casing from the whole of one side of the machine. There is no information in the manual as to how to do this but I found that it involves removing about five separate screws/bolts which are not easy to locate and which all seem to have different heads (cross-head, straight-head, torx head. allen screw head). This is just sheer bad design which creates frustration for the user trying to keep the machine in tip-top condition.

REPLY - Thank you for taking the time to review this product, you can access a full workshop manual for this machine by calling our team on the freephone number. This will give greater guidance on access to engine components. I have passed your comments about the bolts and screws to our design team. Other than this I hope you enjoy using your machine.

Review by John / (Posted on 11/04/2016)