1636H 92cm Lawn Tractor

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With a 92cm cutting width and powerful Mountfield ST 500 engine the 1636H is a fantastic garden tractor for lawns up to 2 acres.

Hydrostatic transmission provides variable ground speed control similar to an automatic car.

1636H is a garden tractor with excellent performance and ease of use.

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Good product
The cutting and collection system works well most of the time. It can clog up when the grass is wet but is quick and simple to clear. With a dry lawn the cut and collect is excellent. Overall very happy with my purchase except for the "safety" features.
The "safety" reversing button is very annoying and uncomfortable in use. In fact it makes reversing when cutting actually dangerous as you have to steer with only one hand on the steering wheel as you have to hold down the reversing button with the other hand to keep the engine running. Reverse cutting would be as safe as forward cutting without this "safety" feature when using both hands to steer. Perhaps I will look to by pass this "safety" feature to make it safer to use.
Also every time you get off the machine the engine stops - even though the cutters are off and the brake on - this makes any trips involving opening gates or other obstructions' a stop and re- start activity.
Review by Raymond / (Posted on 06/08/2017)
Good value unit
Really happy with my purchase so far. Good quality and dealer fisco Wakefield been a1! Cuts well and bigger wheels definitely stronger and better ride on grass. Can block but use the common sense and don't try to cut too much and it's a great buy.
Review by Grainger / (Posted on 21/10/2012)
Generally a good lawn tractor
Good all round garden tractor - as proven by me a rugged model. However if you require a mulch plug within 6 weeks of purchase - get a mulch plug first
Review by Candlestub / (Posted on 30/07/2012)