Battery & Electric Lawnmowers

Battery & Electric Lawnmowers


Within our wide range of cordless mowers, we have the best selling Mountfield Freedom48 lawnmowers, as well as an array of other makes and models. Each is made to the highest quality, with top-class performance and user convenience at heart.

All of our cordless mowers run on battery power - combined with the latest battery and electric motor technology these machines deliver superb running times and are incredibly energy efficient.


We’re proud manufacturers of the award-winning Mountfield Freedom48 range of mowers and cordless gardening tools. With this range, you get the power of petrol with the convenience of cordless.

In order to use the Freedom48 gardening tools, you’ll need the battery and charger. These come with many of the Freedom48 Mowers including the Princess 34Li and the Princess 38Li lawnmowers.

Having bought the battery and the charger, you can then use this battery in the 9 other cordless garden care tools, where you can use each tool as and when you need them, all from the same battery. You can also browse our Freedom48 cordless accessories for more information.


Our choice of electric lawnmowers is renowned for being quiet, lightweight and very easy to use. They’re best suited for smaller gardens with a power supply near the lawn. For applications that don’t have easy access to a power supply, we recommend our electric cordless lawnmowers.Each of our electric mowers has been manufactured to the highest standards using top quality materials for long-lasting, effective use. They’re sold solely in hand-propelled models, due to them being built for smaller, less demanding lawn areas.

Why Us?

We’re dedicated to bringing you lawnmowers you’ll love which is why we offer warranties up to 5 years, exceptional after-sales support and free named day delivery on every order with Mountfield. We invite you to learn more about us or alternatively, you can get in touch with us by calling 0800 669 6325 or email us.