Celebrating the 'old stuff'

Celebrating the ‘old stuff’

Old Vintage Potting
You know all that old stuff you’ve kept stored away for donkey’s years because you just can’t let go of it? Or the bits and bobs you’ve collected and ‘put away for safekeeping’ but which have been gathering dust ever since?

Well, you’re not alone in hanging on to old stuff. It seems we all do. In fact, there’s even a special day for it, when people across the world celebrate the joy of holding onto something because it still means something to them or, just as likely, they’ve never got around to throwing it out.

So, to celebrate Old Stuff Day on 2 March, we’ve done a bit of research to find out what’s tucked away in our garden sheds. According to insurers’ surveys, most sheds contain some pretty expensive items – the average contents are around £2,000. Mostly, the contents are made up of things like still-in-use lawnmowers, gardening equipment and garden furniture.

But the surveys also threw up some ‘old stuff’ gems. Here are our favourite five.

Train sets: Well, you wouldn’t want to throw away a train set either, would you? Train sets are among the toys that 15% of people keep in their garden sheds.

Family heirlooms. Yep, those things passed down through the family also end up in the shed. No longer wanted in the house, but kept for sentiment and memories, they’re found in 13% of garden sheds.

Classic cars: If train sets are difficult to say goodbye to, then the same goes for old cars. Among those found under dust sheets in a garden shed was - wait for it - an original E-Type Jag!

Sports gear: Almost a quarter of us store sports equipment in our sheds. And, just as likely among the shiny new bikes are rusty old ones that haven’t got close to Lycra in years and sets of golf clubs that have long since seen a fairway.

Steam engine: And finally, our favourite ‘old stuff in a garden shed story’ - a £60,000 steam engine. We’d all be pretty chuff, chuff, chuffed to have one of those in our shed!

There are plenty of other disused and discarded things in our sheds too, like half empty (and dried out) paint pots and ancient gardening tools. Even historic newspaper editions. Whatever ‘old stuff’ you’ve got lurking in your shed, don’t forget to celebrate them in style on 2 March!