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In Your Garden : Gardening jobs for September

The garden has been the place to be for the last few weeks! Some days I am sure many have been taking a break in any shade that could be found to hydrate. Holidays away have left us more nervous than ever for our return. We chose to limit our greenhouse this year thankfully, in favour of more variety in the allotment. We added three varieties of sweetcorn this year which we have just harvested, what a treat! We had a lovely bi-colour one which looked very pretty and was extremely tasty.

Spring bulbs

Now is the time to think about the pop of colour that you want to see in spring. Maybe it is a pot or two at the front door or planting the lawn and borders up. Timing-wise, spring bulbs, depending on what you choose can be planted right through from September to November but make sure you get them in any time up to around six weeks before the first hard frost.

I adore pots with tulips, particularly a mix of black tulip ‘Queen of Night’ and tulip ‘Bleu Aimable’ a beautiful contrasting lavender-blue variety. There are so many options for colour combinations. Not only colour but type, for example, double, fringed, lily and many others.


Dark purple Tulips growing close up


The delicate Chinadoxa is so pretty and can be planted now to create a beautiful carpet of starry flowers.

Showy Alliums are another choice and Crocus.

Of course, Daffodils and Snowdrops are a favourite which we look out for to show us the first signs of life. It is quite a feeling to see after the wintery days of the dormant season.

These are just a few to think about but be sure to check the plant depth and spacing when planting.



close up of rake removing moss etc from lawn

Lawn care

At this time of year has been challenging with all the dry weather. Worry not though as your grass is tough, it can cope more than it lets on! Given some time it will be back to itself soon enough. This is a good time for maintenance, look out for worn or damaged patches and repair. You can choose to seed the areas or repair areas with fresh turf if required.

Later in the month is a suitable time to scarify the lawn. It can look very harsh, but it will do it the world of good. It will remove moss which may leave bald patches, so again, give it a few weeks to recover and reseed if needed. Aerate the lawn apply some top dressing and scatter seed, use a rake to help level out work in, water if possible.


What is happening in the veg plot?

We can keep going with growing lettuce in the greenhouse. Planting radish and spring onion outdoors so we can still enjoy a lovely home-grown salad. We have already had a glut of courgettes and now it is green beans, sweetcorn, beans, beetroot, chard, onions, peppers, squash, and tomatoes to name a few. Along with cutting flowers which have been ever more popular and top fruit like apples and pears. 


Hand holding basket filled with peppers and cucumbers in the garden


We can sow Cauliflower, Onion, Broccoli, Pumpkin, Leek, Carrot now for example. Don’t forget, try not to sow too much of each variety although it is tempting. Generally, good quality seed germinates well for at least three years.

Summer raspberry canes can be tidied up and cut back now once they have finished. Start to compost as you clear the plot over the weeks ahead. Make sure you keep a check on the greenhouse to maintain good hygiene until it is time to clear it out and clean.


Next month we will be talking about Tidying the garden and dividing perennials, pruning, and planting shrubs.

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