Roller Lawnmowers

Roller Lawnmowers

Roller lawnmowers are the perfect solution for creating the highly desirable striped finish to your lawn. Similar to our Petrol Lawnmowers, we have a choice of hand-propelled and self-propelled Roller mowers to cater to both you and your application’s needs.

We’re proud to supply some of the best roller lawnmowers in the market, each containing market-leading features and specifications in a variety of cutting widths from 41cm up to 53cm.

Our most popular roller lawnmowers include the S42R PD Li 41cm Self Propelled 80V Roller Lawnmower and the S421R HP 41cm Hand-Propelled Rear Roller Lawnmower.

Why Us?

We’re dedicated to bringing you lawnmowers you’ll love which is why we offer warranties up to 5 years, exceptional after sales support and free named day delivery on every order with Mountfield. We invite you to learn more about us or alternatively, you can get in touch with us by calling 0800 669 6325 or email us.