Petrol Lawnmowers

Petrol Lawnmowers

Our selection of petrol lawnmowers is perfect for larger garden spaces. Their petrol engine makes them more powerful than mains electric models, plus they aren’t restricted by a cable.

Alike our mains electric model, these machines are highly manoeuvrable so you can create an excellent finish on all types of lawn. If you’re looking to create a stripe effect finish, you’ll require our Petrol Roller lawnmower with a rear roller.

Push or Self-Propelled?

Within the range, you’ll find a combination of self-propelled and hand-propelled lawnmowers, also known as push lawnmowers. Hand-propelled lawnmowers require you to push them so they move at your own speed and in effect give you a form of exercise.

Alternatively, a self-propelled mower works at its own pace, or the pace you set, automatically negotiating inclines in the lawn with less effort, making a large, uneven garden easy to cut.

Why Us?

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