4 Wheel Petrol Lawnmowers - Essential Information

Self Propelled Petrol Lawn mowerPetrol mowers are ideal for larger gardens.  They are more powerful than mains electric models and aren’t restricted by a cable.  Four wheel machines like this are highly manoeuvrable and give and excellent finish on all types of lawn.  If you want a striped effect finish you’ll need a machine with a rear roller.

The chassis, or cutter deck, as it is commonly known is often made from steel with a powder coated paint finish.  Mowers with stainless steel or aluminium cutter decks may cost a little more but you won’t have to worry about corrosion. 

The Petrol lawnmower chassis houses a cutter blade and determines the working width of the mower. Walk behind lawn mowers generally have working widths from 41 to 53cm.  For gardens of half an acre or more a ride-on mower would be a more appropriate choice.

Modern petrol engines are easy to start.  Set the throttle control to the choke position, hold the operator presence control lever against the handlebar to release the engine brake and pull the starter cord.  The operator presence control lever is a safety device, release it and the engine stops in seconds.  For ultimate ease of use choose a model with electric key start; then you’ll just have to turn a key to start the engine.

Some models have to be pushed to make them move forward, these are known as hand propelled or push mowers; the engine is only used to drive the cutter blade.  On power driven or self propelled models the engine also drives a transmission.  These mowers require less effort to use; just engage the drive lever and the mower will move forward.  Some have a four speed transmission so you can select a forward speed to suit your conditions.

Conventional mowers collect the grass clippings.  Large capacity grass collectors reduce the time and effort spent disposing of those clippings.  Some mowers can be fitted with a clip-in mulching plug.  This device blocks the discharge chute so that clippings are circulated underneath the deck until they have been chopped into small particles which are blown deep into the base of the turf.  Recycling clipping in this way saves time and effort without sacrificing the standard of finish.  If you never want to collect your clippings again chose a mower with a mulching plug included.


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Essential information on other types of lawn mowers

Electric Rotary Mowers

Mains electric mowers are quiet, lightweight and easy to use.  They are ideal for smaller gardens with a power supply located near the lawn. 

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4 Weel Petrol Lawn Mowers

Four wheel machines like this are highly manoeuvrable and give and excellent finish on all types of lawn.  They are height adjustable & clippings are collected.

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Mulching Lawn Mowers

Instead of cut grass being discharged into a collector it circulates beneath the cutter deck to be chopped into tiny particles leaving no mess and feeding your lawn.



Petrol Roller Lawn Mowers

Although 4 wheel mowers give an excellent finish on all types of lawn you may be the owner of a fine lawn and want those classic stripes.


If you think your garden is too small for a ride-on mower think again!  They can be small enough to drive through a standard garden gate.