Lawnmower FAQ's

What is Mulching?

Nearly all of our Mountfield 4 wheel petrol mowers and all of our electric mowers now come with mulching plugs as standard.  Insert the mulching plug and instead of cut grass being discharged into a collector it circulates beneath the cutter deck to be chopped into tiny particles.  These particles are then blown right down into the base of the turf out of sight where micro-organisms aid their rapid decomposition. 

Recycling clippings in this way return nitrogen and other valuable nutrients to the soil.  You’ll save money on artificial fertilisers but still have a healthy, attractive lawn.  You’ll save time and effort too.  With no collector to empty you’ll find you can cut your lawn up to 30% quicker than with a conventional mower

What is the difference between SP (self-propelled) and HP (hand-propelled)?

With all of our petrol mowers and some of the battery operated machines, there are models which will be either self-propelled or hand propelled.

Self-propelled lawnmowers use power from the engine to drive themselves along your lawn. This is particularly useful if you have a large lawn, or if you find the lawnmower slightly heavy during use. There is a lever to enable the self-propel function, meaning you can disengage it near areas of your garden which may be more intricate in design.

Hand-propelled lawnmowers need to be pushed at all times but can be beneficial for a garden with intricate flowerbeds or lots of curved lawn edges.

Do I need to mix oil with the petrol?

This varies by machine type. With all of our lawnmowers, you do not need to add oil to the petrol. The fuel is contained in a separate tank to the oil as the machines are fitted with a 4-stroke engine.

With other petrol handheld tools this can vary, please read the operation instructions for guidance on the correct mixture.

Will the machine come with oil?

All of our petrol lawnmowers will be shipped with a bottle of oil so you can be up and running as quickly as possible.

How do I create stripes on my lawn?

On some of our machines, you will find they have a roller attached to the rear of the machine. These machines are able to provide you with the beautiful striped finish that many desire.

Roller lawnmowers are available in both electric, petrol and cordless versions to suit your garden needs.

Will the machine be difficult to assemble?

On most of our walk behind lawnmowers next working day delivery is available.

If this option is chosen, you will receive the lawnmower by courier in a large box. You will need to assemble the handles and the grassbox, following the instructions are given with the machine. This is a straightforward process and doesn’t usually take longer than around 15 minutes.

If you do require some assistance please call our Service Link support team on 0800 121 6585.

If the ‘White Glove’ delivery option is available and selected, your machine will be assembled prior to delivery by a local Mountfield dealer.

What fuel do I use?

All of our walk-behind lawnmowers and handheld tools use standard unleaded petrol. We recommend never using fuel that is over 30 days old. If you wish to store fuel for longer than this period we always recommend mixing in a fuel stabiliser to prevent it from becoming stale. 

Do your prices include VAT?

The price displayed on our website always includes VAT.

What happens if I have a problem?

In the unlikely event that you have any issues with your purchase, please call our dedicated Service Link team on 0800 121 6585.

They will be able to provide technical guidance and advice over the telephone and are also supported by over 600 dealers around the UK.