Fall for your Garden this Autumn

Autumn is a season of change!

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The days are drawing in and temperatures are dropping. There is a crisp chill in the air and that distinctive crunch underfoot of freshly fallen golden leaves – Autumn has arrived!

Autumn is the bridge between Summer and Winter and the perfect time to prepare your garden for the cooler months ahead. From garden maintenance to sowing bulbs and vegetables for an early harvest next year, there is plenty to keep us busy in the garden this Autumn.

For all your essential tasks in the garden read our helpful monthly gardening calendar blog here

E10 Petrol & your Mountfield Lawnmower

Petrol is changing to E10 this September in the UK. But what does that mean for your Mountfield lawnmower?

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E10 fuel may be great news for the environment, however, the increased ethanol content can cause issues in your lawnmower’s engine if not stored and used correctly. Petrol starts to go 'stale' after about 30 days. It will go stale whether it is stored in a jerry can or inside your lawnmower’s engine. It is important not to use petrol that has gone stale in your lawnmower. We recommend adding Mountfield universal fuel stabiliser to freshly purchased petrol. Fuel stabiliser is an additive that will keep your petrol from going stale for up to two years! Get yours here

Why not free yourself from the mess and fumes of petrol altogether with our Freedom battery-powered garden tools.

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Mountfield fuel stabiliser

Our Favourite Colour is Autumn

Gold, red, crimson, amber, auburn, yellow, maroon, orange and brown, our gardens are beginning to glow with the fabulous colours of autumn.

This is the time of year to catch up on all your garden maintenance in preparation for the harsher winter months. From clearing leaves to pruning trees and giving your lawn its final mow of the year, Mountfield has you covered with our extensive range of garden tools.

Easy Blows It.

As the leaves begin to fall it’s time to blow them away with the help of a Mountfield blower. That carpet of glorious gold may look lovely covering your lawn but it blocks the grass below from receiving much needed sunlight in order to store energy over the winter. Wet leaves can also lead to mould and fungal infections in your lawn.

Free your lawn with our range of powerful and lightweight cordless blowers from our freedom ranges.

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Living life on the Hedge

Make light work of cutting your hedge with one of our hedge trimmers or long reach hedge trimmers and multi tools. Balanced, precise and powerful with a choice of petrol or cordless battery power from our Freedom range.

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Mountfield Strimmer

Time to Strim

Power through tough patches of grass and thick brush with ease with a Mountfield strimmer or brushcutter. These tools are ideal for tidying up your garden before the colder weather sets in. Our Freedom battery range of strimmers and brushcutters make cutting, tidying and edging the grass easy – with no power cords or messy petrol to slow you down.

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Mountfield Multi-Tool

Multi-tasking in the garden

Multi-tasking in the garden has never been easier thanks to Mountfield’s range of Multi-tools. From strimming and edging your lawn to pruning and trimming hard-to-reach hedges, Mountfield multi-tools are a versatile all-in-one solution.

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Mountfield Chainsaw

A cut above

Now is the time to prune those wayward branches and tidy up the garden before the north winds come blowing!

The Mountfield MCS 50 Li battery-powered chainsaw will make light work of logging any pruned branches and tree trunks which are ideal for use in log burners during the winter months!

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Freedom to Mow

Free yourself from the restraints of power cords and the mess and fumes of petrol, with our Freedom battery-powered range of garden tools.

Easy to use, lightweight, clean and energy-efficient - the Freedom100 and Freedom500 cordless range of mowers and handheld gardening products are powered by lightweight lithium-ion batteries that have high-performance cells, delivering long run times.

The Freedom100 range features 3 lawnmowers and 4 garden power tools. Powered by class-leading 20V Lithium-Ion batteries, each product comes with a battery and charger included. This range is a great starter kit for the first-time users and offers great value for money.

Shop freedom100 here.

The Freedom500 48V range includes a larger range of reliable and high-performance lawnmowers and garden power tools. The range features 6 lawnmowers and 6 garden power tools. Lightweight, ergonomic and extremely versatile, with interchangeable batteries - the Freedom500 range really does make gardening easy. All the power of petrol but with the convenience of cordless.

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Mountfield Frredom 100 range
Mountfield Freedom 500 series

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